Chris Wood and Susan Briggs

Tan Gordon, Co-Owner 2nd Amendment Gun Shop

Charmeck Court Watch

Monica Guffy


Greer Dickerson

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 9

G. Patrick Hunter, III and Michael S. Hunter, Esq.

Jennifer Jones

Robin and Darryl Holder, Mazen Chakra, Gary Cooke, Rick Combs

Aaron Means

Dr. Joseph Estwanik

Sean King and Chris Guffy

Rob Kidwell

​Rick Hendrick

Retired Major Rick Combs

Geneal Gregory, Theresa Elder, Edith Sheridan, Blanch Penn

Re-elect in 2018

Melissa Rogers Davis - Pineville Town Council

Karen Casas

Linda Hendrick and Chris Guffy

​Jane Bolton

Derrin Lipa

Pat Szrejter and Scott MacLatchie

Sheriff Irwin Carmichael

​Donelio Ocampo and Robert Rizzotto

Geneal Gregory