On Tuesday, November 4, 2014, Irwin Carmichael was elected Sheriff of Mecklenburg County. Daniel "Chipp" Bailey, who has served as Mecklenburg County Sheriff since 2008, previously announced he would not run for an additional term in 2014.

With the victory, Carmichael becomes the 44th Sheriff of Mecklenburg County and will head the Sheriff's Office in the most populated county in North Carolina. Carmichael has often acknowledged Sheriff's Bailey, Pendergraph and Kidd for their advancements in the Mecklenburg County Sheriffs Office during their respective tenures. Carmichael looks forward to the challenge ahead and shares, "My goal is to manage a productive and efficient agency, building upon the solid foundation left by my predecessors." 

The 28-year veteran of the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office is grateful to the volunteers who worked tirelessly on his behalf, and to the voters who entrusted him with this responsibility. "I will work hard every day to do the best job possible," said Carmichael.  He went on to acknowledge his opponent, "Congratulations to Chris Hailey and his team for a spirited campaign. I wish him all the best in future endeavors."

In addition to his law enforcement experience, Carmichael served the City of Charlotte as a firefighter for 26 years and has managed a successful Kempo Karate school. He will be sworn into office on December 1.


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My commitment to you, and this community, is to continually safeguard our neighborhoods, schools, courts and constitutional rights.  I will accomplish this through high visibility and a united work effort in the community. I will partner with our community leaders and elected officials to enhance current programs used to assist in keeping neighborhoods safe and communicate to the community a knowledge base of resources and activities available to proactively address today’s common concerns.  I will encourage our youth and the community by promoting self-confidence and integrity through one simple motto we can all adapt; “Do the Right Thing the First Time-Everytime!”

As Sheriff of Mecklenburg County, I will continue this commitment by strengthening programs used by the Sheriff’s Office today in the much needed effort of decreasing recidivism. 

Under my leadership and guidance at the Sheriff’s Office, I will work diligently for our community, our children and our constitutional rights. I invite you to my website to find out more about how I will assist in the dynamic changes needed in Mecklenburg County.


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Two Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s that Capt Carmichael has served under, Share a message


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